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NC Tees’ Role in the Oil Spill Cleanup


Posted on | June 17, 2010 | No Comments

Albeit an indirect role, NC Tees will play a part in the Gulf oil spill cleanup along the shorelines and beaches. We have teamed with Ensolve Biosystems, maker of the PetroLiminator, an MEPC 107(49) approved biomechanical oil water separator, in the label printing production of the ShoreClean Bags and Booms. After a week of ink testing, we have determined that only one high viscosity ink combined with a light adhesion promoter could effectively be applied to the untreated polypropylene substrate.

ShoreClean is a safe and natural solution for effectively cleaning oil spill contamination from coastal regions. When ShoreClean bags or booms are properly implemented, wave action releases oil-degrading microbes and nutrients to stimulate oil degradation in the environment. ShoreClean Booms contain a natural oleophilic and hydrophobic sorbent capable of absorbing 8 times their weight in oil.
ShoreClean Bag Prints
ShoreClean Bag Prints“This biotechnology approach was proven effective in combating the Exxon Valdez oil spill as supported by EPA and US Coast Guard studies, and has been further enhanced by EnSolve in creating the ShoreClean product.”

It is our understanding that when coastal cities and Municipalities deploy the bags at the high tide mark, a contaminated beach can be cleared of the oil debris in just a few short days.

For more information about Ensolve Biosystems and the ShoreClean Bags or Booms, click over to the Ensolve Biosystems website.


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