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Our Trade Policies

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We strive to follow a couple of important rules in our business.

  • Taking great pride in producing quality screen printed goods, vinyl sign graphics and machine embroidered apparel.
  • Treating others like we would like to be treated.

Our business has grown from a small storage facility garage shop to a business where the staff depends on each other to make a living.

With that in mind, we know that we are not the cheapest on the block. We have a certain way of doing business that works well for us. It works well for the current customers at NC Tees.

We have a few policies that we work by in a consistent manner:

    • Goods purchased from NC Tees will be inspected for manufacturing flaws and defects prior to embellishment. NC Tees’ customers are responsible for selecting the correct size, color, and/or style of goods. NC Tees is not responsible if the customer has a change of mind or size. Order the color and style you want and the size you need. Our production board works on a first come first served basis – quantity does not push any job ahead of another. However, during peak periods, brokered “trade” jobs may be set back in the production schedule.
    • Contract customers are responsible for drop shipping garments to us from their suppliers. We like to know ahead of time when those shipments are arriving. Goods accepted for contract screen printing and embroidery must be removed from packaging (bags, pins, etc) prior to being left with NC Tees. In doing so, NC Tees expects contract customers to inspect their goods for material defects. The customer assumes all liability for any items that sustain machine damage while at our business location. NC Tees will not replace customer-supplied goods if this occurs. Please note that NC Tees will take the best possible care with supplied goods. However, Any machine is subject to occasional malfunctions. NC Tees reserves the right to decline the acceptance of customer-supplied goods.
    • Your shirts are checked in by a specific process. They are counted prior to the start of your production run. If the count is off, ie. the shirt supplier shorted the count … we move the job out of the quee until contact is made with you. We suggest that if you do business with us on a regular basis that you keep a light stock on hand in the event this happens. It does happen a lot. We also suggest that you order at least one shirt extra in each size … if your count is vital. Things happen. We can’t tell you the number of times we print the front of a shirt order and then find a hole on the back; or a small oil stain from the production facility.
    • Your shirt order is counted again before it goes to press.
    • Your shirt order is counted the 3rd time before it is folded and placed back in your original box for shipment. A work order must accompany your order to avoid count discrepancies. Please count your shirts upon delivery.
    • NC Tees liability for any direct damages of any kind will not exceed an amount equal to the amount paid by client to NC Tees for the order.
    • Customers will be shown a sample sew out of their design prior to final embroidery on goods. Customers will sign a Sew-Out Approval Form stating the acceptance of the design (lettering,colors,placement) to be placed on goods. NC Tees is not responsible if customer changes design (lettering,colors,placement) after Sew-Out Approval or Waiver has been signed and design has been placed on goods. All customers, embroidery and/or screen printing, will receive an order confirmation that states the details of the order and a breakdown of the costs. Customers may waive the Sew-Out Approval by initialing here:__________.
    • All art is sent for approval. Without art approval, your job does not go into the production queue.
    • We will not produce obscene art or language unless it is really funny to us.
    • Our work orders need to be complete before your job goes into the production queue.
    • Written orders are the only way to assure accuracy.
    • We are not responsible for bleeding or other printing problems due to the nature of the garment.
    • We are not responsible once your order has been shipped. Insurance is left up to your discretion.
    • Imprint area is left to our discretion. Shoulder prints, hem prints, over the seam prints fall differently on each size shirts.
    • Shirts will not be shipped until full payment has been made. Checks need to be pre-authorized. We do not ship C.O.D.
    • Payment is due before shipping. Upcharge on credit cards may apply. First time customers will be required to present a 50% deposit before the job goes into the queue.
    • Our normal production is 7-10 days. We will provide every consideration on rush orders even during the peak season. A 35% rush fee applies to jobs requested with a quicker turnaround.
    • The following methods of payment will be accepted: credit card, company or individual check, money order, and/or cash.
    • Prices are subject to change without notice.
    • We will drop ship your order to your customer or to your location. Your shipper number must be provided.
    • There is a returned check fee of $50.
    • NC Tees will not reproduce copyrighted material and cannot accept any liability for copyright infringement for agreeing to reproduce a customer’s design. Customer agrees to hold NC Tees free and harmless from all liability, and indemnify NC Tees for any loss, damage or injury, which NC Tees may suffer as a result of producing said design. The obligation of the customer shall extend to payment for all legal fees and other out-of-pocket costs incurred by NC Tees as a result of the reproduction of the design requested by the customer. If you wish to have NC Tees reproduce a brand logo or trademark design, NC Tees requires a written authorization from an authorized agent for the brand logo or trademark design prior to embroidery.
    • Upon request, NC Tees will produce artwork, design ideas and Company Identity's; reproduce and vector clean artwork from customer supplied media for the purposes of in-house and customer purchased screen printed apparel, machine embroidery, signage and other printed media.  Unless agreed upon for the purchase of these designs or vectored artwork from NC Tees, the designs will remain property of NC Tees for the purpose of reproducing goods from our production facility for customer purchase.  Online purchases are usually not charged for artwork creation or vector from existing media.  With this in mind, we reserve the right to refuse the purchase of artwork created by NC Tees and strictly follow these standards for trademark or copyright efforts from our customers.
    • Due to the nature of our services, we are unable to issue refunds.
    • Always follow product care label. Screen Printed and Heat Pressed products should be washed in cool or warm water, NOT HOT. Launder your garment inside out to protect the screen printing or vinyl application. NEVER use Fabric Softener. It WILL breakdown the ink and the adhesive on the vinyl. Do not use BLEACH of ANY kind, not even the bleach that is supposedly safe for colors. Do not dry on High Heat. Because cleaning methods and garment use are beyond our control, no warranty of length of service for wear, size, color stability, fabric strength, or print condition after the product is used is offered or implied.
    • For best results, turn inside out and do not over dry when laundering. Before ironing, place a handkerchief, sheet or thin pillowcase over the embroidery to prevent scalding of thread. Due to varied water conditions and the effects of harsh detergents, bleach, hot water, and individual laundering, NC Tees makes no guarantee against fading, bleeding, shrinkage, or any other deterioration of garments or embroidery during or following laundering. Because cleaning methods and garment use are beyond our control, no warranty of length of service for wear, size, color stability, fabric strength, or embroidery condition after the product is used is offered or implied.
    • 3-D Foam: 3-D foam is mainly used on caps. It is not recommended that you laundry goods that contain 3-D foam. If you choose to laundry foam, use only cold water and let air dry to avoid shrinkage.
    • NC Tees is not liable for personal, economic, or property damage arising from the sale, shipment, storage, handling or use of the goods. In no event will NC Tees be liable for any consequential damages (including, without limitation, loss of use or lost profits), or any damages suffered by any third party.

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